nOt ThErE yEt / © Cristian Tomescu - 24/08/2011 05:44:35 project: Fado \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Esquina do Fado, Alfama, Lisboa
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31/08/2011 18:54    from : stevev1
Hi Cristian
Pretty dark but full of atmosphere. The singer is positioned brilliantly within the frame. The half light's also very nice on the guitar player on the right. Have you considered slightly highlighting the bottom right side (just enough to have a bit more detail on the hand and perhaps seeing a few frets on the guitar)

just an idea....

31/08/2011 17:14    from : juzo
I love this series from FB of course, but it looks better here...I love the atmosphere, that Portguese unspoken 'sodade' is there. I like the underexposure, the shadows the use of available light. I have been doing alot of undereposed shots on my current travels (althogh Ankor was hard to get a decent shot).

30/08/2011 00:58    from : Furachan
Salut Cristian:
I am absolutely STUNNED at the total lack of comments on thisn one (lower faces are a tad dark but oodles of atmosphere and a painterly sense pervade). This is a great project, glimpses of which I have already seen on Facebook. Love that you are sharing it with us here.
Bon courage and please don't stop - top notch work in low light!

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