The phone Call

fplohoff / © Frank-Peter Lohoff - 10/08/2011 17:21:19 project: The Shadows of Istanbul \ Europe \ Turkey \ Istanbul Ili
The major shopping mall in Istanbul
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24/08/2011 01:48    from : nOt ThErE yEt

This is a very complex photo.  Superb tones, as usual, but the reflexions is what builds the depth and mystery here.  What is reality and what is not?  (as if there is such a thing as reality, more so a perception of it).


22/08/2011 02:34    from : Furachan
Nice use of the pano format, F-P, there is a lovely feeling to the deeper regions in the picture.

17/08/2011 07:57    from : Stig
Nice play with the shadows here. I love the tones as well. Only complaint is it's too small (dam the photo size rules). I want to see it big!

11/08/2011 09:20    from : AnimeshRay
As I said elsewhere, I think this is brilliant take. Mysterious and perfectly timed/composed. Excellent tonality too.

10/08/2011 20:28    from : stevev1
This scene works really well in pano format. The bright spots on the right intrigue me...what are they??
(or did you paint in that part to bring out the woman silhouette...If so great call! )

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