row of houses

stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 07/08/2011 00:06:46 project: Doel \ Europe \ Belgium \ Provincie Antwerpen
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09/08/2011 04:37    from : didierv
I just like the girl in the picture, so incongruous.

09/08/2011 01:43    from : kajspice
 Interesting point by Frank...Although we are looking for what is remaining, we also want to capture images which give a sense of a time which has passed. This photograph does just that. London is beginning to look like this..a sad time we are living in.

07/08/2011 17:14    from : fplohoff
This is very consistent with the project. Your series made me raise some questions on what we look for in such a project. What we see is broken glass, wracked down buildings and something which has vanished. I believe that photographers do not look for something which is gone. They look for what is remaining, which stories of human life took place here. Your pictures give an idea, a hunch of these stories. They open the door to secrets we'll never understand but get a feeling they are there. What do you think?

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