Morning Wine No.2

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 14/11/2007 00:15:40 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest

Same place as previous shot--Nagycsarnok/Market Hall, Budapest, early morning in September. Certainly these men, jolly and welcoming, were not the salarimen taking the public transportation outside. They preferred a good 12 ounces of Tokay or Riesling to start their day.

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14/11/2007 14:03    from : eleparc
So did you finally accept to share a glass of this tokay with him? All the body gesture and smiles of those men tell us that he has been offering a glass and you politely turned it down...;-) I do like this good morning humor that you are showing us!

14/11/2007 10:54    from : luan
Waht more to do than accpter to accpet a glal with those nice guys. The place looks friendly and benefit from the sweet morning light. I like the way those man faces are hilighted, the light management is spectacular.
Nice to see you around Sasa

14/11/2007 10:36    from : claude renault
Hi Sarolta, Nice to see you again. Still in black and White ! A nice, moody image. I feel like I am the one talking to this guy.I guess he is offering you a glass of Tokay !Geat light in the Background

14/11/2007 02:47    from : jinju
You painted with light. Its a quiet picture, very sort of non-decisive moment, so you need SOMETHING to set it apart. In your case technical bravado, especially that light falling on the 3 faces, crating these wonderful contrasts.

14/11/2007 01:45    from : Furachan
I can't tell you what a thrill it is, dear Sasa, to discover these win-tinged "prints" one after the other. Here the joy is in the replicating action going on - nhow it seems almost like the same man is in various locations both near and far ;o) This is masterful stuff, no mistake and I'm sure everyone here is very, very glad you have come on board. Looking forward to the next alcohol-laced installment, nay, to the!

14/11/2007 00:50    from : flydragon
I do  love this serie about people Sasa, and your black and white is realy awesome.
you have managed the back light like a pro i am amazed. woould love to hear the voice of those man and feel the mood of this place. But your picture is strong and we can feel it.
same as you said also a vintage here, love it ;o)
very nice black and white project

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