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nOt ThErE yEt / © Cristian Tomescu - 28/07/2011 07:15:39 project: Cambodia and Laos 2011 \ Asia \ Laos \ Luang prabang

Somewhere in Luang Prabang

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31/07/2011 18:01    from : fplohoff
Interesting compo and expression of the woman. I will have another look over the weekend where I have a better screen, so you´ll get more feedback than.

part II
A well balanced color composition, some red , amber, green. The monk's gesture kept me think and look for a while, a ritual action in the dark, some light coming from left as if it would breath soul in this scenery. A very quiet photo. A still life. (I'm a bit wondering that it does not get more attention)

29/07/2011 01:22    from : Furachan
A touch dark on my work screen, Cristian, but quite beautiful and intriguing. I think you've reached a stage in your flirtatiousness with darknessw eher you might consider doing prints, which can render certain tonal subtleties better than a limited PC screen.

I believe you've emerged as a genuine force these last few months, my friend. Unlike my vulgar, Zola-like cartoonish tableaus, you are producing moments of great lyrical power and you now have a very distinct signature. I salute you this morning, having nothing better to do...;o)

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