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nOt ThErE yEt / © Cristian Tomescu - 27/07/2011 06:25:04 project: Cambodia and Laos 2011 \ Asia \ Laos \ Luang prabang
Luang Prabang, Laos
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27/07/2011 15:17    from : Furachan
 Terribly clever commentary from Frank-Peter about scattered shadows, one of the more profound remarks I've come across in many years on the web...
I do love that chid looking straight at us a touch of Webb here). Colors are pretty strong for you - orange very nearly blown out. 

Bottom line: it is  a fascinating, complex and subtle compo.

27/07/2011 14:51    from : fplohoff
 I´ve never seen such a strict geometrical setting in your photos. They are usually taken from the side or angular. So not your handwriting.
Anyway, a good composition.

What I do not like that much is the effect coming from the shadows which are quite scattered across the surface. They don´t  focus anything but build a kind of a second structure of lines and cause unease in the scenery.

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