A Cigarette after Lunch

fplohoff / © Frank-Peter Lohoff - 26/07/2011 15:38:56 project: The Iban Headhunters Today on Borneo \ Asia \ Malaysia \ State of Sarawak
The days of headhunting and piracy are long gone and in has come the modern era of globalization and technology for the Ibans. The Iban population is concentrated in Sarawak, Brunei, and in the West Kalimantan region of Indonesia. They live in longhouses. Most of the Iban longhouses are equipped with modern facilities such as electricity and water supply and other facilities such as (tar sealed) roads, telephone lines and the internet. Younger Ibans are mostly found in urban areas and visit their hometowns during the holidays. The Ibans today are becoming increasingly urbanised while retaining most of their traditional heritage and culture. 
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08/08/2011 15:50    from : juzo
 I love the expression, the cigarette, and those creamy Leica colours, and of course ..the shadows...very cool portrait this one.

31/07/2011 22:39    from : stevev1
Another excellent work with deep colors. It's a more regular approach to environmental portraiture but it really works wonderfully
(perhaps tone down the green shirt....slightly too bold for me)

27/07/2011 01:34    from : nOt ThErE yEt
 Just beautiful, Frank.  Not much else to add.

27/07/2011 01:10    from : Furachan
Cigarettes are a terrible habit as everyone knows but they make for great photographs, and this is no exception... I personally love your Borneo shots, F-P, they have a sweetness, an "intimacy" that for me goes beyond even the fine Istanbul series. Of course this has to do with my deep affection for SE Asia and its colours, but still I can't imagine anyone not being moved and delighted by your Borneo pics. Looks more like a 35 here rather than the Zeiss 25 but I could be wrong. Beautiful light and feel.

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