The Death Watch

fplohoff / © Frank-Peter Lohoff - 24/07/2011 09:37:41 project: The Iban Headhunters Today on Borneo \ Asia \ Malaysia \ State of Sarawak
There was a funeral this day in the long house. A 22 year old man died by an accident. The picture shows a woman during the death watch. (the photo was selected for the mastershot series on Leica Forum International)
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31/07/2011 22:35    from : stevev1
The color here is fanatstic. Ink blue spots in the bokeh and meandering reds...

25/07/2011 06:29    from : Furachan
Peerless shot, FP, really outstanding in its expression and sense of place. No wonder it was selected by the LFI,

25/07/2011 00:27    from : nOt ThErE yEt
My vote too.  Did you do any PP blur at all, or image as taken?

24/07/2011 18:43    from : Homerhomer
IMO this photo could have been selected for many awards, just perfect in every aspect, great colours, superb choice of dof supporting the layers of sadness.

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