The prince of Siam

Furachan / © Francis Harrison - 18/07/2011 17:37:04 project: Salaryman Paradise \ Asia \ Japan \ Kanagawa-ken
My friend Julian is truly like a prince in Siam. Here he is in Japan as a visiting exec, a little out of place, collecting his thoughts during a lunch break.

And where is Arnaud these days?
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19/07/2011 02:57    from : nOt ThErE yEt
I agree with FP here.  The "Bond" character is stronger image, I think, but this fellow has a different demeanor, and thus adds a different twist to your reflection game.  And it all works in the greater context of this project.

18/07/2011 17:57    from : fplohoff
You gave him space in the back, an interesting person, not as flamboyant in his expression like Mr. Bond but more aristrocratic instead of. The more I monitor this series the more I get interested to do the same. I believe that we have a kind of photography here which attracts significantly stronger as an aggregated gallery in context which each other than as a standalone photo. Robert Frank did something like this when he started with the Amaricain patrol station photos in a series. 

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