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fplohoff / © Frank-Peter Lohoff - 15/07/2011 09:50:08 project: The Iban Headhunters Today on Borneo \ Asia \ Malaysia \ State of Sarawak
Daily life in a long house does not look very diversified. The old days are gone and there is no real place in the current society yet.
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22/07/2011 16:01    from : kajspice
Potentially excellent, but yes.. the darkened shadows and deep contast has taken away some details which would have been nice to see..

18/07/2011 17:25    from : Furachan
 I dunno if I agree with my colleagues here. I mean, all the pictures in this wondrous set are deeply colored and contrasty - why pick on THIS one...? Strong photo, without a doubt.

15/07/2011 23:25    from : nOt ThErE yEt

This is an awesome picture.  But I agree with Peter.  Colors too strong.  Just tone down the contrast and you have a gem.

15/07/2011 20:11    from : Homerhomer
The thumbnail was very intriquing but IMO the contrast in this instance doesn't work, way too strong to the point of looking artificial.

15/07/2011 13:45    from : juzo
Ah, I remember from TE, this is one of the best, well my favourite, from this series in Malaysia, fascinating, beautiful use of available light, masterful work....

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