Furachan / © Francis Harrison - 13/07/2011 14:12:31 project: Salaryman Paradise \ Asia \ Japan \ Kanagawa-ken
"The name's Bond. James Bond".
An Australian executive visiting a facility outside Tokyo.
I couldn't resists adding one more to this obsessive project...
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21/08/2011 18:56    from : brian

15/07/2011 15:08    from : juzo
Not sure of James Bond, coming from oz, he seems a typical Australian corporate type, tough, like a boxer, maybe says "no worries" by habit, but that never means "yes". So much character in this, I really like the look of the X100, really makes me want to trash my Nikon.

14/07/2011 00:44    from : nOt ThErE yEt

Yes, I like the composition too with this tough looking business executive making the entrance into the scene.  But the image works largely because of the way you captured the rest of the company people in the reflection.  A very good addition to this project, that I am getting to appreciate more and more.


ps: unfortunately I cannot do the same on my end due to the crazy secretiveness of the environment I am working in ...

13/07/2011 17:33    from : fplohoff
 Again my comment on Mr. Bond. You left him large space on the right. That´s good since he looks as if he need this space. Very determined or purposeful his gesture. 

13/07/2011 14:43    from : Stig
Very nice, especially with the reflections and men in the background. He almost looks like an older (and well fed) Daniel Craig!

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