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stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 09/07/2011 09:38:55 project: Boulevards \ Asia \ India \ Calcutta/West Bengal
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15/07/2011 14:56    from : juzo
He seems quite pleased tro be photographed, I am curious if he gave permission or posed. It has alot of character, charm, and some streetscape too..very nice protrait.

12/07/2011 05:38    from : flydragon
Great pics Steve,  love his pose. and awesome B&W

10/07/2011 12:02    from : Furachan
 You got a great smile off this resting guy here, steve. Wonderful! (Hey, I'm getting nervous the close it gets to my Kolkata visit... after Animesh, after Prabtik, after Siddhartha, after you...)

10/07/2011 00:53    from : nOt ThErE yEt
 I like his relaxed demeanor , a (what I think) typical Calcutta scene that has a timeless flavor. I am nitpicking, but I am somewhat bothered by the little slice of sky.  It would have been better if you captured either no sky, or (best) more sky (poles, wires, and all) for a fuller composition.  
cheers, CT

09/07/2011 10:30    from : fplohoff
 Charming picture Steve. He seems to enjoy your curiosity.

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