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kapkpa / © katerine rostihvili - 09/07/2011 13:49:26 project: Paris \ Asia \ Japan \ Aichi-ken
un petite rue en couleur
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22/07/2011 15:59    from : kajspice

It is a potentially fascinating scene, but it looks a little bulky in some areas to me. I think the key to these kinds of images are the fine details, but at first glance, the building in the middle is just too dominant and takes away from the overall impact that you wanted to create. I feel that the bottom row of houses does a similar thing. I personally go and try to take this again..

15/07/2011 15:00    from : juzo
It is shame I can;t post here at the moment (damn technology), but it is nice to see some other architectural and geometrical work here, a nice change of pace I feel for this site and different tone..and..colour..nice. Paris is beguiling at any time from any angle, I am alwys pleased to see it and relive my memories from my time there many years ago. I like the idea, the simple sense of shapes and perhaps the stories within.

10/07/2011 12:00    from : Furachan
 Nice compression of the buildings and windows, Katerine. Please don't worry about the lack of comments - Holik is in "sleep mode" at the moment. I rather like this, painterly and romantic...

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