fplohoff / © Frank-Peter Lohoff - 04/07/2011 13:08:56 project: The Shadows of Istanbul \ Europe \ Turkey \ Istanbul Ili
There are usually hundreds of people sitting in the harbour of Eminönü watching  the sea with dreamy faces. 
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05/07/2011 18:25    from : nOt ThErE yEt

The mood is present again.  There is motion, and bent postures, as to power through the wind, metaphorically or not.  There is a clear theme in this series, which links all these images (besides the more obvious visual aspects).

05/07/2011 17:42    from : stevev1
Here the subject placement is wonderful. The scarf is essential I think
Again those wonderful blues....

04/07/2011 19:55    from : luisduarte
another great photo!

04/07/2011 14:31    from : Furachan
 Achingly lovely shot with these dark, oil paint colours that convey so much melancholy and depth...

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