A Non-Stop Parade

randomcameraguy / © alex felipe - 16/02/2008 20:35:40 project: Quiapo Fiesta \ Asia \ Philippines \ Manila
All afternoon the parade continued.  Each community in the Quiapo area (judging by how the parade never ended, there are alot), as well as businesses had a part in the parade.  This took place on the side streets away from the Basilica, and I guess you could say is the secular part of the festival.  Most of the participants were marching bands in matching outfits.  There were a few floats as well.  And the businesses basically went around in billboard vans advertising their products and giving a paltry amount of free samples (judging from the general grumbling I heard from the people as they passed).

Along the sides of the street community members were setting up their feasts.  Usually you know who it is that you allow to eat, but in a fiesta this big there are often strangers in that mix too.  I have family that lives here, and they ran out of food by 5pm--good thing the booze supply lasted for a few hours longer though!
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19/02/2008 18:00    from : brevbrev14
Hi ALex, anotehr fantastic picture of this series..
i like a lot the composition here with the subject in the centre and all the people around..
great also the PP

17/02/2008 17:24    from : jinju
I like this one a lot Alex...theres a great use of geometry here, placing the figure dead center and allowing the lines to converge on the approaching wall...theres a sense of heightened cofrontation here, which is much like with the whole project. The harsh pp and high contrast really work.

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