The window cleaner

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 18/06/2011 18:32:32 project: Seen in the street II \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
[ Bangkok - Central World ]
There is crossing of glance which marks more that of the other one, I was moved by the beauty of the glance of this man.
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22/06/2011 14:31    from : juzo
Hi Simon, I like that he seems to stop and pose, there is a sense of uncertainty in his pose and expression (perhaps the man boss looking on?). The reflections take us, and perhaps himself, ouside of this world, or, he is looking at you, yearning to be outside, with the freedom of the world and a camera in hand....I guess we are lucky enough to have such freedoms, to show and merely  reflect the multiple realities we do not live or endure, but seek to share and understand through the lens.

19/06/2011 02:38    from : Furachan
 A new one for me, SImon, beautifully caught. Not a reflection but a window cleaner caught in action - love the manager in the suit behind...

ps.SO glad Frank-Peter finally managed to start uploading his Istanbul color series!

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