luisduarte / © luis duarte - 16/06/2011 02:03:34 project: Huzun, melancholy of Istanbul \ Europe \ Turkey \ Istanbul Ili
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26/06/2011 18:53    from : fplohoff
Remembers me also to Webb. When I went to Istanbul I planned to do b/w but switched to color than. I think both works well at the end.

17/06/2011 02:10    from : Stig
Yes. It's very good. I especially like the half naked man emerging from the water on the left. Colour might have been better, but I guess then you would lose the melancholy side of things.

16/06/2011 02:07    from : Furachan
Very nicely seen across the frame. Luis. Touches of Alex Webb, which leads me to wonder how this looks in colour... You see, the others were decidely B&W dictated but here it seems like you could easily go either way. Very nice work in any case my friend.

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