Ferry II

stevev1 / © Steve Viscot - 09/06/2011 18:46:37 project: Shores \ Asia \ Malaysia \ State of Sarawak
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10/06/2011 19:42    from : nOt ThErE yEt
Great shot, as everyone says, but I have to say I am a bit bothered by the smudges on top.

10/06/2011 14:35    from : Homerhomer
Timeless shot with epic qualities.
My only nit pick would be the odd smuging at the top.

10/06/2011 01:51    from : Furachan
I wish Luko would drop by, I KNOW he will appreciate this great, classic ferry shot. This is a picture with HEFT, this is shooting with purpose and intensity...

10/06/2011 01:19    from : kajspice
 Whilst I like almost every image in this series, having been through the whole lot, I did not realise the theme was water until I read your note. That probably just makes me a bit thick.

Anyhow, I really like this image. Its quite beautiful..so many lovely details. I can't fault it.

I don't understand..I am clicking into the thumbnail in the gallery and your whole project appears.

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