Outta the Heat

Stig / © Will Jackson - 31/05/2011 03:31:46 project: Around Ansan \ Asia \ Korea, South \ Kyonggi-do
OK, I know these guys, students of the high school that I work at. I guess they're comfortable with me taking pics. The guy at the front had no idea I was there. His hair is too long.
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09/06/2011 15:59    from : kajspice
Great that you are so comfortable around these people and vice-versa. Would be great to exploit that more..why not. I feel it would make a very interesting project.

I feel it is a little too "friendly", however.. I might have preferred a little more distance between them and the lens.

07/06/2011 16:45    from : juzo
 I agree with the others, it's like a cool band shot, like the Beatles.

01/06/2011 07:58    from : Furachan
This is genuinely cool, Will, disposition of each person in the frame, the "Beatlish" haircuts, the surprise of finding that fourth guy horizontal below... Cool.

01/06/2011 03:06    from : flydragon
There is something very pleasant in this picture.
nice !!

01/06/2011 01:58    from : nOt ThErE yEt
Hey Will - looks like a pic of a band .. a korean Beatles?? ;-)  Like the light falling on the right guy's face - nice touch.

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