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flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 16/02/2008 10:05:37 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
I met this woman and this man on the street, they live in a tent.
this guy is showing me his mom, he seems to be proud of her.
Like many people i met in Thailand and Bangkok, it was again a great time
to meet them and spend few time talking.

ps: i am now in Paris, and on my computer, but i had some problem with my screen
and had to change my color setting and color profile, i am not 100% sure now, please let me know about the black and white on your screen, also the black and white is normaly warm on this picture.

after Luko comment i changed the title of this picture for   " we live here "
i guess this one is beter than the first one " here my mom "
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13/03/2008 20:16    from : eleparc
the light and the b&w are more than perfect for me here! no screen problem! or is it my cheap screen... LOL no need say a word!This man's smile is so sweet, heartwarming and welcoming... It brings yet another dimension to the overall project... To me this one is the real bangkokers lead, more than the other shots so far... Although I love them heartedly, this one corresponds better to what I would imagine in such a project about the souls of real Bangkokers...

19/02/2008 17:46    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, again you have captured the soul of the people here...
A sense of joy in this image..
the BW works fine for my taste..

17/02/2008 17:15    from : jinju
And you changed the name of the project too...although I see a bit of overlap with your "mood" project it is still a good one. A very nice portraot, and it is perfrctly in line with the others, in that it is a close, intimate shot

16/02/2008 20:53    from : randomcameraguy
very nice Simon.  I can see Luko's point about the title of the series, but in any case the images are nice and consistent with one another.  Lovely expression on the man.

I'd like to learn more about these people.  I take it they are squatters?  While I have experience with squatting in the Philippines I never got a chance to explore this in Thailand. 

16/02/2008 13:41    from : fixed
Pardon je réédite pour corriger mes fautes d'orth. ;) sorry
16/02/2008 10:44

Image bien sympathique pour le matin :) yep, t'as des pbs d'écran et profil (un peu sombre). T'as un profil incorporé (Pro Photo RGB ?). En ouvrant dans photoshop avec ce profil, on a bcp plus de détails (probablement le résultat que tu souhaites avoir) ... avant exporter vers le web, il faut convertir ce profil (image > mode > convertir en profil), ba oui les navigateurs ne prennent pas en charge les profils incorporés.

16/02/2008 11:56    from : nwoehnl
Hello Simon. It is good to see your photos again with their typical style and strong human touch. The eye contact with the person in front pulls the viewer into the simple, peaceful scene where the old woman is spending her time knitting. A lot of small details included telling about their simple daily life. Technically I also find this well presented, with the  b&w tonality looking okay on my screen.

16/02/2008 11:08    from : Luko
Nope no problem for me, I find the contrast and brightness on this one even much better than the previsous which tended to be slighted underexposed on my screen, here the whiter parts are slightly below the 255 limit which is fine, but I can see as much detail as I want in the darker parts, Only the woman's hair is pitch black.

Amulets and that small bottle of Red Bull, he's holding in his hand, are for me the complete set of the ordinary people living in Bangkok.

I am not sure about the title who doesn't fit your endeavor, Simon, for me the "Streets of Bangkok" project is something else than the collection of people you're showing now (which is excellent though), streets of Bangkok means zooming in and out some Bangkok places, what I can see so far is more like "Bangkok meetings" or simply put "Bangkokers" like there are NewYorkers...    

16/02/2008 11:05    from : Furachan
A solid, "complete" shot,  good contrast between the smiling "modern" man, and the more ancient woman behind. Only prob as Nono pointed out is the mode you chose, resulting in weker tones than you really wished for I imagine... Maybe you might want to fix that and I will reload my comment. Go ahead... it's worth it,

16/02/2008 10:30    from : rbcy1974

Bonjour Simon
Cest vraiment sympa de te retrouver a toi et ton beau travail.  Une vue tres interesante de la vie de ces persones.   Le noir et blanc est tres reusite.



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