the boy with 10 heads

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 10/05/2011 10:35:58 project: A walk in Phnom Phen \ Asia \ Cambodia \ Phnom Pen
The first picture from this new project about Phnom Penh.
A young boy selling ballons.
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08/07/2011 20:00    from : fplohoff
 Outstanding poetry this one.

18/05/2011 17:26    from : stevev1
You made me count the balloons :)
Love this one Simon !

17/05/2011 23:31    from : kajspice
 soooo nice.. please, please teach me how to make black and white like this...

15/05/2011 20:03    from : juzo
Hi Simon, the balloons really match in well with the pattern of the clouds. The angle gives this some space, a big feel...very nice light too, especially on the ground. This scene has a alot of charm.

13/05/2011 22:32    from : fixed
Sympa cet enfant à dix têtes :)
Bravo, très sympa.

10/05/2011 15:08    from : Furachan
 That's near the grand palace in PP, I know that "esplanade", eh, Simon? Wonderful shot and play of light - really beautiful.
Looking forward to the rest...

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