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kapkpa / © katerine rostihvili - 05/08/2011 19:17:44 project: Rain and Reflections \ Europe \ France \ Régions Iles de France
Les fenêtres de mon appartement
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05/08/2011 21:50    from : fplohoff
 I agree it's a intimate shot with warm beautiful colors

07/06/2011 16:31    from : juzo
 I agree with kajspice here..intimate yet public. It has a good combination of colours and geometry. I agree with steve that it is slightly over-sharp.

06/05/2011 09:16    from : stevev1
It's the best image of the set so far. The combination of red and green is very nice. I find the sharpening a bit too much

04/05/2011 08:20    from : Stig
Nice shot this. I especially like the ants in the bottom of the frame!

04/05/2011 05:00    from : Furachan
 I like it too, and for the same reasons...

04/05/2011 03:25    from : kajspice
 I want to go and take a photo like this..intimate, yet public at the same time.. I like it..

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