At the Barber's

AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 18/04/2011 03:48:52 project: Rashbehari Avenue \ Asia \ India \ Calcutta/West Bengal
How many men does it take to shave a man in Kolkata? (Apology to Bertie Russell!)
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02/05/2011 03:22    from : Stig
I like this one as well. The blur adds to the moment, as if you've stopped still for a moment and let the scene overtake you. The reflection in the mirror is a nice touch as well.

20/04/2011 06:13    from : nOt ThErE yEt
One has to look beside the obvious lack of tightness or strictness in composition to appreciate your series, Animesh.  It is obvious that your intention was different.  Compositionally all over the place, not tight (in the usual sense), blurry, weak contrast, the technical shortcomings go on and on.  And I admit, this is how I saw it first.  And then I got it.  I mean you have to look at it through different lens of mind.  Francis and Justin are right.  This is a fascinating shot, the ghostly feel of the characters, each doing something else.  It's almost surreal.  This is the strongest image, in my opinion.  And I still have to get atuned to the rest.  Gimme a few more days and I will let you know.

19/04/2011 15:11    from : juzo
I agree with Francis. This is like the ghosts of the moment, and you find the moment well, and the atmosphere. The imperfections make this..perfect.

18/04/2011 14:16    from : Furachan
If ever there was a moment captured - whisps of celluloid, what's left of the film you used like clouds, overexposed ghosts in a feathery world and yet it's all there. Brilliant.

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