AnimeshRay / © Animesh Ray - 18/04/2011 03:48:52 project: Rashbehari Avenue \ Asia \ India \ State of West Bengal
Sometimes a single gesture of hands is enough for us to place a man within a few hundred miles of his birth place...
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02/05/2011 03:45    from : Stig
The exposure on this one is indeed very nice! Love the posture and pose of the figure on the right. So where's he from then?

19/04/2011 15:13    from : juzo
Indeed this series is fantastic. The grain and expsoure I really like (giving the natural contrast and finish of film). The compostition is well seen.

18/04/2011 14:12    from : Furachan
Killer series, Animesh, right up there with the very best we've seen, and I mean Sohrab, Evren, those dudes. Satyajit Ray here for me, beautiful division of teh frame and a strong peotic snesibility. Fav.

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