fixed / © Arnaud DE - 09/04/2011 23:33:14 project: Persistence \ Asia \ India \ Benares
This project is close to be finished.
Thank you.
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10/04/2011 13:13    from : nOt ThErE yEt
Well, this one speaks to me.  Subtle, poetic.  Gorgeous.

10/04/2011 01:26    from : Furachan
 Je trouve tes tatonnements stylistiques fascinants, Arnaud. Ici la composition est tres claire et donc l'image plus "lisible". Il y a une tres belle architecture ici forme par ce triangle lumineux dont la pointe est a gauche. Tu manies cet Holga comme un maitre.
Fav tout simplement.

09/04/2011 23:46    from : Xavis
I like a lot this one. More than the three last pictures of your projet. I find in this one a picture more easy to read than the others. There are the slight out of focus, the movement and the dark light as in the others, but there are more information on the picture to build a sens and to feel or imagine about the place or the situation. May be I need pictures more easy ;-) Any way, a very nice job with this projet, original and foul of feelings.

Hasta la vista,


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