The Other Fiesta

randomcameraguy / © alex felipe - 15/02/2008 01:51:24 project: Quiapo Fiesta \ Asia \ Philippines \ Manila
As we start to move away from the main roads and into the residential streets we start to see the places where people live. Alongside the religious aspect to the fiesta is the other fiesta, the community fiesta. This is where the local people put on parades and feasts. Historically this was a tool of the colonizer; they started the fiestas and encouraged locals to spend beyond their means in order to keep them indebted. Today this has evolved into a Filipino bad habit, so at fiesta time you see everyone shelling out for fiesta and parade outfits, decorations, food, and drink. The day after the poverty returns. These are old run down alleyways and streets that once saw much better days. A stagnant canal sits next dilapidated concrete buildings, next to squatter homes. A crowd has started to gather for a parade of the different barangays (the smallest municipal units) of Quiapo. And a man carrying a bag full of foodstuffs is captured by some random guy with a camera as he passes by an empty plot of land which was the site of a recent fire (empty plots of land don’t stay empty for long in this city where most everyone is either a squatter or nearly one), all the while a boy looks on in curiousity.
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17/02/2008 17:15    from : Darren M
I meant to comment on this the other day but got sidetracked.  Really nice shot.  By now, using rear view mirrors, etc in a frame is not entirely new, but it is still difficult to do effectively. Here, having the group in the mirror is very good and I am not sure exactly why, but I really like the crop on the main guy too.  Good b&w working.  Nice shot Alex.

16/02/2008 12:45    from : proxilva

Yep Alex,

the mirrorscene is a real addition here. I'm a bit in dubio if this is the best crop or a little tighter on the top shelf of the fence. oke it means cutting of all the head of the passing man but i wouldn't mind. Anyway there is absoluty nothing wrong with this crop cause it's a very strong photo...
curious how this story continues


16/02/2008 03:09    from : jinju
Super series Alex, the mood is great, very consistent treatment and content wise, which gives great unity to the whole project. Not to mention the theatricality and complexity of the framing in this one especially. I like how you use the mirror to connect the man with what out of the frame.

15/02/2008 21:46    from : yanseiler
Hum this is quite an interesting catch... the atmosphere is catching my attention, the passer by who looks anxious,going to somewhere... It's also cool to see the wonderful composition of the micro-scene in the mirror, well done...

15/02/2008 19:35    from : Designsoul
Agree with Francis, Alex, this is a great shot, caught at the perfect moment with a fantastic framing. To me it is the many layers here that create the tension that is absolutely well resolved by your selective focus and comp. A very good moment, a moment that encompasses much--not only the milieu but also, and for me especially, the MOOD of the place.
A fine, subtle shot.

15/02/2008 03:08    from : Furachan
This one is brilliant, bro, no two ways about it. As insufficient and ultimately confusing as the last one was, so this one exceeds all expectations. This one ROCKS! The inclusion of the mini scene in the mirror is spot on, it is inspired in a very Webb-like way. Even the partial crop of the Hero's head at the top works for me. This is one of the most exciting pics I have seen on Photoholik to date. I can't tell anymore which one of my own pictures are any good, Alex, but I tell you what: I can tell a great photo from someonw else any day of the week.
FAV, all the way!

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