Faces in the Crowd

randomcameraguy / © alex felipe - 14/02/2008 19:22:09 project: Quiapo Fiesta \ Asia \ Philippines \ Manila
I wasn't primarily here to photograph the fiesta. I have family that lives and works in Quiapo so mostly I was with them the whole day.

So this is the part of the project where we walk away from the religious centre and out into the periphery (about two blocks away).  Out here is where the people of the area mix. Here they are barbequing on the streets, playing games, having community parades, and here the characters emerge. I saw this very theatrical cross-dresser coming down the street and it got me thinking about the question of homosexuality in the Phils. It's very interesting to me men that seem to be gay are very common and are accepted.  Violence against them is very rare, however it is a Catholic country so gay couples are generally not accepted. From what I can tell it is ok to be gay in the Phils, as long as one doesn't actually BE gay. So every day I run into people that seem gay, but then turn to tell me that they are married with 5 kids.

It's very odd to me and makes me wonder what the colonial conversion of the island into Catholicism must have meant to the homosexual population. 
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15/02/2008 07:41    from : Furachan
Beyond the overex problem here which is coniserable, th picture kind of crashes compositionally, Alex, man, in that the eye is drawn all over the place and has no main place to rest which is tring, and then irritating and finaly confusing. Great faces but your timing or choice or framing or cropping was off. But hey, you followed this one with a marvel so... who cares?

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