Dragon Climb

didierv / © Didier Vanderperre - 13/02/2011 20:35:08 project: CNY in New York \ America \ United States \ New York
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24/02/2011 04:17    from : Stig
Nice! This has a bit of the old 'East meets West' feel to it. Very in your face as well. Do you have any more to share with us?

15/02/2011 06:04    from : flydragon
Nice Didier, i am a Lion lover, in Thai Sinto :)
i could shoot some also during the new year  here in bangkok.

14/02/2011 00:53    from : Furachan
Cool shot Didier - really smart use of the extreme wide with that strong foreground that pops and the triangular structure behind.

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