Devotional Anguish in Manila

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I saw this man as I was pushing to get out of the throng of people around Quiapo Basilica.  This was still in the early morning, hours before the parade of the Black Nazarene, he had found himself a good spot next to a wall and thus away from the pushing people. 

He had so much pain on his face I wasn't sure if I should aim the camera his way, but decided to at the last minute as I passed.

The story of religion in the Philippines used to really annoy me, but having been back a few times I am starting to see more and more that for many it's their source of hope, and in a country where life is getting harder and there is no sign of things getting better my annoyance has been transferred to other things...

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19/02/2008 01:20    from : alimo3
Hi Alex,
i love this picture with a very simple composition that gives power and also the  feeling of speed with the man on the right and the metal shutter that looks like a train.
the BW balance and the dynamic atitude of the 3 caracters makes a vibrant pic.
A great street photograph !


17/02/2008 20:15    from : El Inglés
Stunning image, Alex. Christopher is spot on with his comment about the claustrophobic composition. Daring and excellent cropping in the viewfinder. The background aids the composition too.

13/02/2008 22:14    from : brevbrev14
wow Felipe, absolutely a great image!
you have captured a strong moment here and the composition with the 3 persons is fantastic..
we can feel the pain of this man..
A fav.

13/02/2008 20:01    from : prezntime
Wow, really great photo. The anxiety is quite clear and palpable...The closing faces and the hand hiding the eyes make the whole photo feel claustrophobic...Excellent.

13/02/2008 17:35    from : flydragon
Welcome on Holik  with this great great first picture.
like e previous comment i made, here also i have no words
its just perfect, and a fav for me.
congrat  more more !!!


13/02/2008 15:44    from : Darren M
Hi Alex, it's great to see you posting here.  This one is cool in a way that makes it hard to critique for me.  Very good toning, a completely emotional look on the guy's face.  The face on the right is good, although I wish there wasn't something behind it.  Not much to nitpick, this is really good.  Good to cross paths with you again.

13/02/2008 09:09    from : steph

Hello Alex !! And finally, welcome home :o) ! What I like here is the B&W, then hand in the middle focuses the eyes.


13/02/2008 01:58    from : Furachan
Right ON, brother! I'm, so glad you finally managed to join us, Alex ;o) It was quite a struggle, eh?
Blinding shot, awesome immediacy and impact. Feels like a bucket of ice water right across the face. Much needed injection of GUTS and raw feeling here. Can't wait to see more...

13/02/2008 01:32    from : jinju
I really like this shot. Its very stylish, highly contrasted and with great framing. I love the mood of this photo, as Luko said sorrowful, but also hauntingly scary too.

12/02/2008 22:14    from : AmiBe
Hi Alex,
this is a really powerful picture, there's a big tension.
I like a lot the face on the left... so close
Really, really good.

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