AmiBe / © Pascal Boegli - 11/02/2008 21:34:15 project: People of the lake \ Africa \ Malawi \ Mangochi District
Some children playing on the beach... like everydays... Surely they seek fishes from above :)
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06/04/2008 16:53    from : Bip-Bip
Une très belle réalisation.
Ces silhouettes en action au soleil couchant sont un régal pour les yeux.

02/04/2008 18:41    from : vapours
Yep really fantastic, in this kind of light any shot will come out great, but I think you've exceeded even further here with having such a great silhouette. Like monkeys having their fun and playing in trees, I really connect with these kids having their own fun amongst the beams.

30/03/2008 13:57    from : jinju
Wow, just saw this by going into your project..missed it when it was uploaded...what an amazing shot Pascal, I just LOVE the body language of those 3 strong silhouettes. Best shot in your project for sure!

28/02/2008 12:11    from : photonic

Salut Pascal ;)
This is a masterpiece of counterlight! It would be difficult to have the kids in such an arrangement even if you told them how to act!
But this natural moment and their placing and gestures, are just a perfect proof of the thing called "photographer's luck".
Being at the right place at the right time, and having an eye to see it. This is a merit and talent. I also like the real, not saturated evening colors a lot.

ps: the boat, which looks like something hanging from the pier, is somewhat "too much". Maybe clone it out?

24/02/2008 23:04    from : lobster
Ciao Pascal,
Moi aussi je savoure cette image comme l'on regarde le soleil plonger dans la mer.  Un vrai délice.

13/02/2008 21:40    from : marietom
salut pascal,

Je viens de découvrir comment ajouter une photo dans mes favoris, et elle y est placée !
Superbe, un vrai régal, cette image !

13/02/2008 17:14    from : flydragon
Une perle Pascal.
felicitation pour cette magnifique photo.
j'ai pas de mots, je regarde et savoure.


13/02/2008 15:59    from : luan
Euh ... magnifique, une exclusivite, ca fait plaisir, il me semble ne jamais avoir vu celle si !
Tres beau Pasca l!

12/02/2008 23:29    from : brevbrev14
Salut Pascal, a beautiful image..but this photo is more than a sunset...
the silhouettes of the boys are so well captured...
beautiful result

12/02/2008 11:28    from : Everlasting
I thought we were at U Bien bridge for a moment Pascal, but then remembered this is a series and we are still in makawi.
The sunset reflected slightly on the water gives so much texture, the perfect silhouettes against the sunset and the graceful movement of the young boys make this a wonderful scene for me.

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