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Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 10/02/2008 17:04:52 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
Well, after much posturing on both sides, roadblocks against the machinery needed to change the signs, the threats of legal actions to those who actually do the did the removal as well as promises of an afterlife in hell to the paid workers doing their jobs, the cherry pickers finally carried the workers to the sign for removal.  Like so many other things about this media fueled non event, what we are actually seeing here is a bit of a false start.  The guys on the crane are only going up to have a look; the actual removal won't come for a while yet, but by that time I was at work.  The reaction of the crowd was exactly what I would have expected.  The two sides both came up with what is pretty much the very definition of a smattering of applause, or jeers, depending on what side of the police line you were standing on.
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11/02/2008 10:13    from : proxilva
hi darren,

hahaha is it a protest if noone comes is the bit rethorical question of your project and after 16 photo's we see 2 guys going up in a crane to take a look. is it a protest if nothing is going on would fit aswell sofar ;o)...

but seriuously, this project is about an arch with letters, in the beginning that sounds not very dynamic. But lucky for us, you are an excellent photographer, who knows what he's doing and thus you come up with great shots to tell the story of a voiceless protest...
I understand that right now they are removing the letters and considering that you might wanna end this project with an 'and live goes on' even without the letters kind of shot, i hope you have enough space in the 20 shot max space :o)

take care

11/02/2008 02:07    from : jinju
Wait, b/w? Why? The whole project has been in nice color and this just doesnt fit for me. The photo is ok, its detached, a good general view of the action though Im not gripped by whats going on in the frame. Id love to see a close up of the emotions of the crowds instead of you pulling back like this. But still, the b/w....

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