luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 08/02/2008 13:36:36 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Malhada do Ouriçal, Cape Roca, Colares
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11/02/2008 21:39    from : AmiBe
Hi Luis,
good to see a really good landscaper on Holik.
Good first plan and long exposure effect, beautiful sky colors, spectacular landscape...
I guess you had wet feet after this shot :)
Well done

11/02/2008 10:27    from : proxilva

Hi Luis,

I'm sorry man, but i am gonna go against the flow here. I don't like this shot very much and i'll tell you why.  As a landscape/garden designer I come across too many beautifull landscape photo's. While my heart always lays by the rawer and rougher photo's I have a certain weakness for these kind of high quality smooth lanscape shots. Up to the point where it looks too smooth and i don't believe it anymore. And while in the other shots in the project you went far, but stayed with you feet on the ground, here you crossed that line for me, toomuch sharpening on the rocks and with the sun setting in the background, too much light on the stone in front.

I know i'm the only one so far, but I felt I needed to tell you this


11/02/2008 01:34    from : Designsoul

Marsian? Must have been discovered by a French astronaut, with the enormous blue cheeese ;) I find the title humorous but somehow to me it distracts from the utter surreal beauty of the scene... astonishing landscape, Luis. Please do make a calendar...

10/02/2008 19:44    from : Everlasting
A rather sureal landscape Luis, the rock in the foreground looks as if it could have landed from outer space:) The long exposure creates a fog like atmosphere.

10/02/2008 16:29    from : Darren M
This is pretty much a textbook landscape shot. YOu have the foreground object, great light and subjects in the background too. Nice processing, although I think there are some sharpening halos around the rocks in the background and perhaps a greater sized halo around them too, maybe because of contrast masking? Not obvious, just things I think I notice and the overall effect is excellent. Nice one.

10/02/2008 01:52    from : jinju
Ahh theres the rock....perfect shot man. You use the portrait frame for landscapes and make it feel natural. Beautiful stuff.

08/02/2008 17:46    from : blowfish
The foreground is great... not so sure about the background. We can see some halos in the rocks due your postprocessing. Nevertheless it's a great landscape. This is on the way to mars right?

08/02/2008 16:10    from : steph

Are you sure that this picture was taken on earth Luis???
Please tell me your secret !!


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