The Old Pipe

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 04/02/2008 11:09:14 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Cruz Quebrada coastline.
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22/11/2010 04:28    from : Homerhomer
This is gorgeous, wish this site had more splendid uploads of this genre.

08/05/2008 00:27    from : Xavis

The best one of your projet for me, but at the same time the most different to the others. All the pictures have a great quality, in composition, lights, colours and postprocesing, but the atmosphere is a little bit unreal. In this picture too. The atmosphere is as a dream but it works perfectly.There are practically nothing that you can recognice, but all the picture together make me to imagine and dream. In the other ones, I say: Yes, is great, but it's an unreal landscape, a great and beauty landscape, but an unreal landscape. This one is much more. One of my best...

Hasta la vista,


01/04/2008 11:34    from : marietom
Hello Luis,

Fantastic composition, with so great colors (orange is my favotrite color !). Simple, and superb !

07/02/2008 14:23    from : blowfish
Like many have said before ... your colorfull landscape shots are a nice add-on to the vast majority of B&W streetshot action around. I'm here for the streetshot action though but i do apreciate a nice breakthrough of raylights and blue skies once in a while.

You master this techinque like few ... in Portugal we have some good landscape photographers doing this king of style. But somehow i feel that your work is more pure ... more genuine ...

05/02/2008 01:17    from : jinju
No rocks in the FG?:) Its a beautiful one Luis, not my favorite coloristically from your landscapes, I think I prefer those beautiful blues, but I love the mysterious mood of this ever present misty water. Fantastic how those wooden poles appear in this slightly misty world.

04/02/2008 23:33    from : Designsoul
Luis, this shot as most of your others again is a testament to your soul, if I can say such a thing... so beautiful, life-affirming, filled with a sense of awe. The beautiful orangy cast that envelops it is equally embracing my being... a joy to look at, a beauty that you can capture with all the skills so that it not only gives back the scenery but also fills me wiht a mood of gentleness and peace... you manage to capture beauty without making it just a touch saccharine that would take its power away... superb work, Luis.
Bom dia from a huge mountain of snow

04/02/2008 19:03    from : fixed
some fresh air arrive from altantic :)
very nice picture Luis and so quiet ...thx

04/02/2008 18:38    from : flydragon
Hello Luis 
this is perfect i am watching your picture and  the music on my laptop
is Madredeus - Solidao no Oceano
i can tell you its work ,o)
beautiful one Luis this serie give alot oxygen in Holik
thx for this nice picture

04/02/2008 14:12    from : nerve
beautiful! you have been the master of landscape shots lately..i am not into landscapes much but your last three shots were truly mesmerizing and meditative..PPs were excellent too. cheers. 

04/02/2008 11:32    from : Furachan
Bom Dia, Luis.
One word for this: "Materpiece", my favorite by far of the series, partly for the monochromatic unity of tones as well as the minimalist, spare composition. This is wondrous work, my friend.  Truly (and I don't even care for landscapes!)
A fav. yes.

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