cruel city

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 30/01/2008 22:35:20 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Bangkok is a nice city and also very complex.
and like many city in the world bangkok can be very cruel
and selfish.

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12/02/2008 20:50    from : randomcameraguy

Hi Simon!  It's been a long time, I'm very happy to see your work again.

This one has a great crop to it.  Love the fact that the woman is left mysteriously headless (it's both anonymous and inhuman--both say alot), the bit of foot walking by is perfect too.

I hope you're well,


04/02/2008 23:53    from : luisafonso
I like the crop very much. In fact, I find it crucial here. And I can really see your own soul through this shot. I told you this several times, but you are one of my favorite photographers because your photography shows me the luminous side of life. We never see gratuity from you. There is always a tender depth in your photos. And I appreciate that very much. You really must have a gentle soul. But why am I saying this here? Because of the cropped head. No need to expose it in this scene. The naked feet, the crouching position and that plastic bottle are enough to tell the story. No need to be gratuitous and show the face...
But there is a thing that I don't like here and that is the composition. I would like to see the main subject placed more to the left (showing more of that sinkhole...) or more to the right to show more of that fast passing pace. Each element that I miss would even enhance the story. The sinkhole as a metaphor of wasted people, the fast passerby as a critic to society.
Light on the feet is just precious...

02/02/2008 15:00    from : eleparc
difficult to not stop on this one! I just read those critics you got before and I am sceptical now... The crop is indeed a very strong element in this shot to add solemnity and drama to the scene...The inner subliminal message is clear. Those feet that just passed by in a hurry emphasize the loneliness and exclusion of this woman(?) sitting on her plastic shoes.. Now Am I satisfied with the crop? maybe, a crop closer to her shoulder, i.e cropping the right  part of the image, would have added even more drama. But on the other hand, not pushing it to the limit also helps bring a kindle of hope... So I guess, you did just the right thing! Now the hand... You may have wanted to keep it more inside the frame, but that is so easy to say now after the shoot... It probably was a stolen image and you had to trigger fast, so... we are only human after all!: -)


31/01/2008 19:26    from : kajspice
I think Luis is like an angel on this site.. I will go into that in a response I have prepared for him. 

This is one of those photographs, where it simply is what it is. To discuss its technicalities is to violate the idea of what you are trying to communicate to me. I appreciate Luis's careful consideration of the sinkhole, as my eyes would have simply skirted over this detail. This is why Luis is an angel on this site - he is good to guide our vision.  Me, on the other hand - I am a sponge, mostly absorbing everything I can when I see such things.

The symbolism would be good if it had a stronger presence, but I can still see it, perhaps not without direction from Luis though..

What I am intrigued to see are those toes. My toes (sorry for the reference!) are just like that!  Often, people have told me that it is a sign of good fortune, when the second toe is longer than the biggest toe - who knows. Its all subjective.. it is man's arrogance to decide that someone who lives on the street has nothing. I know many many people who cannot rest despite having the means to fulfil their material desires.

Anyway, if you had done everything that everyone had suggested, I might have missed what is most important for me in the frame - the fact that she is sitting on her slippers. A sign of dignity and urge to transcend the dirt on that pavement

31/01/2008 02:48    from : jinju
I like the strong crop on the woman. I think where this doesnt quite get a full battery for me is that I wish she was more to the right so that the incoming man's legs were more prominent in the shot. Also I wish there was something more dramatic in her bodylanguage. What I mean by that is an outstreched hand filling in the empty space below. You dont need much to fill an empty space as you know, its not about the size of it but the emotional charge and such a hand gesture  would fill this to the brim.

31/01/2008 00:22    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, i like a lot the strong crop here..
This image is about contrast, the  poor woman so low...and the man so high..
The strong contrast of the town is here in your image

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