The Giant Brothers

luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 29/01/2008 15:29:30 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Regiao Autonoma da Madeira
Ribeira da Janela, Madeira Islands
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06/02/2008 12:44    from : brevbrev14
Hi Luis, your landscape image are great..your treatment works always perfectly..and gives a great atmosphere...
Beautiful the game of the water and the little clouds is just perfect..
i would like to be there...

31/01/2008 02:50    from : jinju
Whats possible to criticize here? I love your seascapes, youve certainly honed a technique (pp and framing) that works suprbly every time.

30/01/2008 03:24    from : flydragon
heeh Luis
a picture who invite us fo rmeditation ,o)
very nice my friend
love this orange tone
and always the effect from water with a low speed
thx for this peaceful moment

29/01/2008 23:18    from : Furachan
Again, Luis,  this is far removed from my "thing" whatever that is but a) you do with complete mastery and compositionally as well as technically it is a significant achievement and b) like Jorrit (who is not foolish or crazy at all in spite of what some f his more energetic fans say), it is a very welcome contrast on the site, which is pretty much in mourning most of the time ;o))) All greys and dark shadows (lie in my latest upload, ha ha). Nice, funereal galleries we have here and then SMACK, out comes this burst of glorious color...
Keep it up, brother!

29/01/2008 18:41    from : Designsoul
Another spectacular offering, Luis... this just could NOT be done more perfectly. The beauty of your project pulls me in and fills me with such a fresh breeze both spiritually and visually... all this without being kitchy... The orange clouds meeting the mauve sky, the famous Luis rocks in the foreground ;-), the impeccable placement of nature's sauvage elements, the superb place itself and this incredible mood reminds me of the famous Matisse dictum that art should be something like a good armchair to rest in from physical fatigue... the Giant Brothers are this armchair, indeed.
I have been thinking a lot about the relationship of art to beauty, how the latter has been more-or-less ousted from the realm of art and how it may slowly gain new ground... we should not think of such oppositions, really--and your work is a testament to that, Luis. That's why many comments you receive these days have to do with your bringing in a "new dimension" to Holik-with refinement. Couldn't be more for it.
Take care,

29/01/2008 16:24    from : proxilva

Luis, this is exactly what we need. I would like to invite the 2 boxers of this afternoon to sit on these rocks, feet in the water and smile to the beauty of nature...

it is said before but the fresh breeze you provide in putting this project on here is amazing, you singlehanded are able to loosen up the dimension here... bravo...


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