live strong

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 29/01/2008 13:39:33 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
Near the grand palais, i met this man,  he sell amulet, and also can read in your hand.
live strong ....
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13/03/2008 20:10    from : eleparc
I know I am repeating what others have said already but the focus on the bracelet is strong and clever! as well as is the tilt . brillant framing!  Unlike Luko, I am not sure this series deserves to be called Bangkokers because you are rather showing us a set of very unique characters, that could probably be anywhere but in bangkok...

19/02/2008 17:42    from : brevbrev14
Hi Fly, a fantastic image....
i like your choice of focus here and the tilt works perfectly..
a great image

30/01/2008 01:39    from : jinju

A beautiful portrait. A good choice of where to put that focus. Im wondering something. Are you basing this project on the common theme of signs and text within the image? It seems so to me looking at the 3 photos in this project so far.

29/01/2008 14:53    from : Furachan
You're my photographic hero, Simon, always have been. So I was scratching my head trying to figure out your choice of focus then I glanced at the ttle and BANG, it all came together. This is very nice work, perhaps the best of the series so far, the strongest, with this nice positioning of the man along the diag in the frame.

ps. I said you were a "good guy", Simon ;o) I never, ever called you "boy".

29/01/2008 14:33    from : proxilva

ciao Simon,

Here in Milan there are some fortunetellers in the street aswell, never made a photo of them yet as i somehow have the idea they wouldn't apriciate it. But they are interesting characters for sure :o). Maybe i have to try here aswell...

due to the light this is with f4 i imagine well with that in mind i'd say you made most of it. funny choise to focus on the arm as the sigar or the eyes would make it probably a weaker shot.  intesting series sofar, you seem to be always on a roll when you shoot :o) i have good rushes only half of the time maybe, the rest i come home with  few good shots... 

take care

29/01/2008 14:31    from : Designsoul
Love this series again, Simon... you often play with signs, writings within shots, like here. Your selective focus is superb, as well the perfect tilt. I bet I would have focused on his hand, you did it damn right to emphasize the band. Excellent... what figures... beautiful work, what else? :)

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