God damn you

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 26/01/2008 16:13:21 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
a fortune taller i met in the street, no more comment, she wrote my comment...
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13/03/2008 20:02    from : eleparc
Like francis said, that has the feel of an old 60's print and that could be NYC or any big US city... This is amazing! This is another character you are showing us after the guy that could sell you almost anything... now the fortune teller.. she does look awfully bitchy and personally I would not trust her... great shot!

27/01/2008 20:17    from : proxilva

:o) now that looks like a friendly lady hahaha a very inviting sign with some classical lines of advertising.  Her smile is amazing ;o)  I'm suprized there is no queue of desperate people waiting to slide in that comfortable chair next to her to hear the numbers of tomorrows lottery...

The street of bangkok has intersesting characters fly, i'll follow you on this walk.... 

27/01/2008 01:32    from : Furachan
Hello Simon, "perso", I quite like what you are doing with the grittier, B/W street shots from BKK. They are clearly different in emotional tone from the intimate color series - that is something  understand. This one is the most dynamic one so far with all the Winogrand-like action going on in the top right. This one has a genuine American 1960's feel - it could be New York ;o) Empty space on the left is a little too empty... perhaps the result of playing with an extreme wide, but this is good stuff.
A+ Francis

ps . Pas de probleme pour ton Nuke - je l'ai "nukee" moi-meme ;o)  Apart ca, ca va, l'ami? Je ne sais pas si tu as recu mon mail.

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