luisafonso / © Luis Afonso - 24/01/2008 20:00:42 project: The Atlantic Light \ Europe \ Portugal \ Distrito de Lisboa
Adraga Beach, Almoçageme.
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10/04/2008 19:40    from : Xavis

Hola! Landscapes! yes! something a little bit different in Holik ;-) I like specially this picture of all your project, because has a simply composition and very nice colours. Softs, and not too much saturates. The blured waves gives an special atmosphere.

Hasta la vista,


05/02/2008 22:47    from : luan
You bring us a bit of fresh air  with your landscape, beautiful picture, it  is so smooth and the colors are very nice. Something new around with this.

27/01/2008 02:36    from : Furachan
Hello Luis! Forgive my late arrival. As you know I'm kind of lost when it comes to landscape but there is no denying your mastery of the genre, and I don't just mean PP treatment. I'm referring to composition and the injection of mood and emotion into a scene. You do that with rare skill. One way for me to look at this is as a backdrop for a movie ;o)
All the best, Francis.

26/01/2008 16:37    from : flydragon
Hello Luis
normaly i am not realy in Landscap, but when it some landscap from other planet.
What planet have you been last few weeks ;o)
a awesome picture with great pastel colors.

26/01/2008 03:47    from : prezntime
Man, so beautiful. Those delicate pastels are so hard to capture. These colors cannot accept too much distorts like too much volume in a subtle song. What a dynamic scene as well...the receding water and reflections pulling away from the black stones. An education in the reason so many find relief in the varied emotions of nature. Simple and pure.

25/01/2008 23:02    from : kajspice
Beautiful Luis. This makes me think of two things. Life and harmony. Unfortunately, I don't get to use these words together very often.

The title is perfectly apt, as those natural elements are blending into each other so perfectly. My mind wanders at the touch, smell and feel of these elements. So different in their composite and purpose, though they blend together, sitting there like they were designed to do. To compare, we humans, so alike, yet battle for everything tangible and material.

25/01/2008 04:18    from : Designsoul

Am SO happy you are "coming out" Luis, in a funny way... what you offer us is simple radiance, a way of photographing landscapes that is truly, uniquely yours, your heart throbbing on that very sandy beach... and this definitely comes across. Am SO happy you are posting a project again, excellent idea. Have been waiting for this moment for a while now... -- a fav.



25/01/2008 00:42    from : jinju
So, your true passion. Even though I told you I prefer your street work, Im happy you are dping something like this. PH has sort of gone down that road where its so street/people heavy tht it might tip over. So we need balance and you are one of those guys here who does actually do something VERY different with landscapes. Not my cup of tea but I can appreciate it.

24/01/2008 20:47    from : galeota
Hey Mr Luís, or should I call you Mr Adraga? I never thought I would say that this seascape is like a fresh breath on the site, a sort of liberation from all the people we have been seing around here. Really, I am glad you have the guts to start a theme on coastal postcards (no pun intended) with rocks all over the foreground. The colours on this one are beautiful (even if I do not really get if they are natural or the result of a filter system). Diversity ensures the the richness of Photoholik's biosystem. Great.

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