i sell anything

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 22/01/2008 17:03:19 project: Bangkokers \ Asia \ Thailand \ Bangkok
ahah of course i believe him, that he can sell anything. legal ???
anyways it was nice to see this guy, and do love his look.
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13/03/2008 19:59    from : eleparc
This tilt is awesome and so is the character you met! I love the way you set him up in your frame! I love his tatooes and his demeanour .. In spite of all the taoos and rings and piercings, I am sure he was a nice fellow. wasn't he? This series seems obvious knowing you and the way you love bangkok and people in general...

09/03/2008 14:49    from : tehanu_f

I was planning to go to bangkok last february, but something came up and I couldn't go. It seems there is a lot to shoot there with interesting characters on the streets. I like the way you captured them, especially this interesting young man with that writing next to him. What was he selling by the way? Didn't you ask him? ))

And a question for you: I'm planning to go there with a friend of mine. Is it safe for two girls? I don't want to join a package holiday, I hate them. I just want to be free to take photos and choose the places I'd like to go. I'm used to travelling alone abroad, but I've never been to the Far East yet.

20/02/2008 20:57    from : AmiBe
Hello Simon,
ah ah, bien vu ce portrait au grand angle.
Les déformations vont bien avec le sujet ! :)
La compo est excellente, tu as rentré la pub, le vendeur et les articles dans le cadre d'une manière très dynamique.
Très bon projet, a+

25/01/2008 16:11    from : luisafonso
Intriguing character indeed. It's easy to understand why you were so addicted to this guy. He is an entire landscape. Great b&w, as usual.

25/01/2008 00:11    from : bullabulla
Haa what a surpise , on the vignette I was thinking it was a little boy as you are really good in taking photograph of thai children. I opened the picture  what a shock, but he looks sweet behind his peircing and jewel.
Very trash picture and very funny.
Dear Simon could you ask him the same buckle ear and bring them to me ?
thank you

22/01/2008 23:36    from : Furachan
Helo SImon. A fine street portrait from Chatuchak I presume... Lots of these tatooed characters there. Nice tilt and CLOSE in with your wide. Good start to a promising BKK series.
A+ Francis

22/01/2008 19:22    from : Designsoul
Salut Simon, you could have asked him to give me a great deal on a Hasselblad or Leica, and one on C 40D with a great 1.8 lens ;-)
Fantastic shot again. Love the way he looks at you, very conspiratorial, flirtatious, even seductive in his pose. His makeshift poster is great and you did very well to fit all these into a tightly cropped frame, with gorgeous tones again...
from reindeer land

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