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The Fisherman Gang

partha / © Partha Pal - 12/09/2011 06:35:53 project: STRUGGLE \ Asia \ India \ State of West Bengal
Fish capturing activities in coastal areas of India.
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13/09/2011 02:04    from : didierv
Very nice Partha, I had already noticed that shot on PBase.

27/02/2010 05:42    from : AnimeshRay
Agree with Prantik and Francis.  You owe us a revised upload.

[Your upload is technically a better work, but does it fit in your series?  Perhaps that depends on what you upload next]

26/02/2010 10:26    from : stevev1
This looks vaguely familiar :)
Fantastic construction Partha!

26/02/2010 00:55    from : Furachan
Brother Prantik took the words right out of my mouth - you've got a stupendous picture here, but these washed out greys... anyway you could work on this in PP? Absolutely love the composition, man.

25/02/2010 15:04    from : prantik
Partha, this could hav e been a masterpiece. Composition, moment, angle, drama, everything was there, but the processing somewhat killed it (speaking for myself )

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