sleep well Mom

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 12/11/2007 12:29:03 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Nong Khai
One day i was walking in a small village, looking for some noodle to eat,
i guess you know that taking picture make us hungry ;o).
i met 3 women, mother, daughter and neighbor, they invited me to sit up on the terace
and drink cold water,  we talked long time about, famer life, about the Isaan, it was a pleasant moment, in a quiet place. After this long discussion, Mom were tired, and decided to take a nap. sleep well Mom, we are here near you.
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13/11/2007 14:28    from : Designsoul
These tones, the contrasts, the variations of shades, the beautifully crafted crop itself, Simon, a shot to die for! Beautiful angle, of course, as you must have been lying beside Mom to take this, with the clothes hanging behind her... so very beautiful. I did miss seeing your work,

12/11/2007 21:46    from : bullabulla
j'adore cette ambiance Simon, la position de cette femme si fragile , a une vraie grâce je trouve, sa facon de dormir est très classe moi si on me prend en train de dormir ca ne donne pas ca c'est plutot Bubulle pyjamas grand père la bouche ouverte :)
C'etait une parenthèse.
J'aime beaucoup cette prise de vue à raz le sol, la lumière est spelndide il n'ya rien a redire
le temps s'est arrêté ici.

12/11/2007 13:42    from : galeota
Hello Fly. I'm sorry not to agree with Eric and Steph: contrast is top notch on my screen, tones are as good as ever (b&w digital in your hands is pure joy), and light caresses gently her face as a breeze. Beautiful point of view, as if you also were laying down for the siesta. But of course, as others have well spotted, you were just waiting that everyone would fall asleep to go pick your noodles from the pot. I can hear your starving belly singing his noodles complaint.

12/11/2007 13:25    from : luan

Donc si j'ai bien suivi, a part la boisson fraiche tu es reste le ventre vide...tu pensais qu'elle allait te preparer un bol de nouilles ?

J'imagine la deception, voire la frustration intense de Simon ;o) comme l'a souligne Eric, elle ne dort pas, mais elle attendait que tu partes afin de pouvoir manger ses nouilles en loose....

Mis a part mon interpretation trouve le cadrage serre et le fait que tu sois egalement allongé pour prendre la photo, nous plonge dans le contexte de la sieste et dans une situation assez confortable et je propose que nous y allons tous en faire une pour digerer le dejeuner. 

Quelle bonne comedienne ;o)

12/11/2007 12:56    from : eleparc

Salut Simon,

She does not sleep, I can see her eye half open, like she's checking what you are doing...just in case you'd be flirting with her daughter or grand daughter;-) She knows you are a naughty boy!...haha! I like the softness and easy going atmosphere of the scene... Although i am a bit disturbed by the fact that half her legs are out of the frame. I feel a bit uneasy with this crop to be quite honest! and just like I said last night, i have the feeling the black is not so dark... rather greyish and soft! And DON'T SAY IT IS MY SCREEN! Grrrr!

12/11/2007 12:34    from : Furachan
Un grand "still" d'un film genre Satyajit Ray mais tourne en Thailand. C'est eau comme tout, SImon, que veux-tu que je te dise...? Ta PDV si basse, qui ne derange personne, suout pas la vieille qui dort..comme un enfant. Pour moi, superbe! Francis

12/11/2007 12:30    from : steph
Mon oeil est ici d'avantage focalisé sur son chemisier que sur son visage. Il manque pour moi du contraste. Au bien c'est mon écran à la SG...

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