harvest time

flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 20/01/2008 10:05:12 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Nong Khai
it was my first time to take picture during the harvest.
the weather and light was so strong. the sound of the machine so noisy.
I got a lot straw in my Tshirt and my cam  oupsss ;)
but always so great to stay with farmer in Isaan.

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24/01/2008 08:24    from : AnimeshRay
Like others before me, I am also impressed by the unusual angle of view.  You must have been flat on the ground! This has produced an attractive perspective in which the work of the two women appear glorified beyond mere work, reminiscent of Sovient era worker's monuments. Very nice effect.

21/01/2008 06:39    from : Darren M
I like the low POV and here the use of the UW angle is really good. Personally though, I find the whole thing a little too dark. I really like how you have caught the chaff flying in the air. I just wish it was a little lighter.

21/01/2008 00:49    from : Furachan
The POV is extreme, Simon, but tehre is a certain logic to it, part graphical, part humorous. Seen like this the two farmers seem dominated by a giant Picachu figure grwoing out of the back of them. It's good to try new ways otherwise one gets stuck. It is frankly not my favorite from this excellent series, but I respect what you are doing - I see it as a kind of sketch, an experiment...

21/01/2008 00:47    from : jinju
Beautifully done Simon, fantastic POV from below elevating these farmers into Heroes of the Harvest. Love the action of the spraying straw and the BW processing.

20/01/2008 21:51    from : Designsoul

It's a kind of avant garde harvest Simon ;-) with all the wonderful graphic details and the extremeness of the pov. A designer's harvest that is beautifully composed, with the broad-rimmed hats and the hay falling all over the place. Hope that was not the last straw for your camera, you daredevil photographer

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