delkoo / © didier wuthrich - 07/12/2009 21:47:10 project: coupling equestrian competition \ Europe \ France \ Midi-Pyrénées
He mentally visualizes the journey he must make for dressage
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09/12/2009 10:57    from : proxilva

Ciao Didier,

I agree with Francis' comments. Apart from that the subject doesn't really speak to me, i believe every subject is suitable for a nice project. but you have to 'sell' it better. ;o)
And with this shot we are getting closer to the action, with a more dynamic point of view but then the black and white is lacking here. The photo has no black, the shadowpart under the hat should be inkblack for me, not dark gray. I think there is enough texture in this image to tweak it up a little, then it should work.


08/12/2009 12:06    from : Furachan
 Hi Didier,
I's a shame there are so few comments, so I thought I'd wade in here. For me this is the most solid, the most striking of the series so far. There is nothing extraneous, good focus on this chap there (thought it was a woman at first, because of the apron ;o)

A general comment though, you might want to work on your BW a bit - I mean stronger contrast - blacker blacks, and maybe throw in a touch of colour - a bit of red, a touch of green and yellow - all tricks that give dimension to monochrome. Up to you, of course, but your BW in this series is a little "grey", a little weak, at least for me.

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