flydragon / © Simon Kolton - 14/01/2008 15:41:20 project: somewhere in Isaan \ Asia \ Thailand \ Nong Khai
in Isaan when women not work in rice field, the like to fish
in small pond, here she was trying to take the fish in the net.
a simple scene from the rural life.
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26/05/2008 20:37    from : Bélibaste
Le focus sur le filet est vrament bien vu... Cela apporte à ton image une atmosphère étrange, d'ailleurs un portrait rapproché fait à travers ces mailles aurait été je pense également très efficace... Il y a ici une élégance certaine et beaucoup de beauté...

17/01/2008 22:01    from : brevbrev14
Fantastic image!..i love the subject through the net, the great effect of the water..the composition and the moment captured..just great! congrats and a fav. for me

15/01/2008 13:16    from : proxilva

Aaah yes and no to this one fly...

yes for the composition ofcourse, wich is outstanding, the zig zag lines of the net together with the pose of the man. You couldn't be in a better spot then were you stood.

also yes for the black and white the net filled with water and the brilliancy of the reflections are looking amazingly real...

on the downside however. I cannot seem to find a place to rest my eyes here. as I start from the zigzag i follow the action down to the triangle where the water drips to the ground. But it's not sharp so i wander on just to arive there again seconds later. Now ofcourse who am i to talk about technical perfection and sharpness ;-) but in this one it bothers me a bit... maybe when that point is made a bit darker it would be much less...

so 2 good, 1 bad.... nuke the monster :-))) noo kidding it's still a good photo


15/01/2008 05:05    from : prezntime
Superb shot Simon...Love the lines crisscrossing through the shot. I find my eyes racing around but not getting tired of the restlessness. There are beautiful forms here and the vertical frame is outstanding.

14/01/2008 22:36    from : Furachan
Brilliant use of the next, Fly. As impressive as your color series are, there is a real "authority" to your Northern BW work, something incredibly solid and lasting. This Isan series is tops, SImon. Also it's great to see such intelligent use of the vertical frame. As good as it gets... With Sasa and you maintaining the stanards so high, it's a direct encouragement to all of us to do our best, and there is no better way to preach, than by example ;o)

14/01/2008 18:34    from : Designsoul

You really are taking our breath away, Simon... that translucent net with the light pouring through is absolutely gorgeous... the simple beauty of this shot is nothing short of transcendental... another fav, of course...


14/01/2008 18:05    from : AnimeshRay
You know what, Simon, I did not have to read who made this photo...I knew it was you.  Your indelible impression is on this image. Superb!

14/01/2008 16:36    from : jinju
beautiful b/ the light and transluscence of this net, Simon. Expert framing, revealing and hiding.

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