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Rarely can I restrain myself from walking into any old building once I find the gate unlocked. The result is often melancholy--something which, in cinematic terms, might be described as a weird mix between Bertolucci's grandeur and Tarkovsky's delapidation. Budapest to me exudes this odd combination, something that draws me in.

This old lady was passing by just as I was admiring the open courtyard of the building in which she had been living in many decades past. She greeted me with a smile and some perplexity, for she didn't know what I found so photogenic among the crumbling pillars that sustained the building for centuries. So she looked up, following my lens, trying to see the view with my eyes. Her eyes, as I saw them at that moment, echoed the arches behind her...
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03/01/2010 00:40    from : fixed
Very nice relationship beetween the woman and environment. Very delicate photograph with an incisal angle. All my best wishes Sasa !

02/01/2010 01:08    from : faubry
Good night Sasa, wonderful composition with this woman, curve eyes like curves arches! bright bW
happy new year

06/12/2009 23:19    from : Luko
You've said it all, there is a real parallel between the lady and her environment. Me too, I wondered whether it was the incredible arches of her eyes, like a hungarian Bette Davis or probably more Laureen Bacall like, looking a up at a memory of the Hollywood in the heydays of the Paramount studios.

There's certainly another parallel between the austrian empire and Hollywood, but in fact, I know now it is even more the sparkle in her eyes, than their shapes. Incredible sparkles that owe nothing to the environment. 

27/11/2009 17:39    from : stevev1
WAM of the finest images ever on these pages!
favourite of course

27/11/2009 12:03    from : Stig
Another cracker of a shot here, Sasa. She does indeed echo the arches behind her.

27/11/2009 03:53    from : nOt ThErE yEt

The tilt and angle are perfectly used here .... again, as in other photos of yours from Budapest, there is that longing for the old times here, also reflected in the eyes and gaze direction of the older lady.   Sensitive and classy work, and I truly like your sepia tones (which normally are not my everyday cup of tea..). 



26/11/2009 17:49    from : tcht
hi sasa, some super PoV with the arches going diagonal makes this very good. lovely to look at~ cheuk

26/11/2009 15:56    from : AnimeshRay
Beautifully angled, her expressive eyes in line with the diagonal and the tilt of the pillars give tremendous depth to the personality.
I just wish that her head was framed by one of the arches...but of course these things develop so fast...

26/11/2009 09:38    from : Styl_Nox

what could I add to the previous comments ? Well nothing ... the sepia tones, the tilt and the expression of the woman are superb. It couldn't be someone else's photo : )

Take care sasa

26/11/2009 07:21    from : korki

i always love your sepia tones... work so good here too, also the tilt... well cought expression on her face sasa, telling her own story somehow...



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