Morning Wine, No.1

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 11/11/2007 23:22:09 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest
Like a pious character from a Dostoyevsky novel, with his face towards the heavens and his hand firmly secured on a glass full of wine, this man didn't mind my intrusion into what looked like his morning routine. Savouring his wine, he only stared away with gentleness. His physique being frail surely didn't prevent his spirit from probably roaming the steppes beyond the Caucasian mountains, perhaps somewhere close to some warm hearth that meant a long lost home...
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07/03/2008 13:55    from : tehanu_f
I find this project enlightening. When I became a member, I didn't know how to create a project and what could be the idea behind it. Seeing these photos and the relationship between them (because they compliment each other like parts of a larger scene), I relized what I could do. This photo, particularly, attracted my attention. ıt is the star of your mini project what with the expression you captured on the man's face. I also like the subtle sepia tint, which is very becomimg to those men's age. ))

26/01/2008 16:55    from : kajspice
You are one of the few people who I can rely on to make me really feel something. After having spent so long away from the comforts of my material world, being back here makes me realise what is sometimes missing.. its that emotion, that feeling - something...anything to remind us that we are, in fact... human with the ability to connect or disconnect ourselves from everything which is around us. Apparently, it is easy to forget.  You perform the two functions of association and dissociation like a magician - the shadow-play games are a perfect contrast to explain my meaning. You are like a shadow yourself in those - so subtle, with a dream-like quality to them.

Your affinity with shape is carried through in 99% of your works.. the remaining 1% showing that ability to recognise that which is still incomplete, perhaps in your own search for some answers. Because when the formula is right in your pictures, it makes me want to sit back with a sigh of relief that someone, somewhere has the ability to see, show and connect with the people they meet. I'm pleased that you can stretch that connection as far as me.. like little dots in space and time.

I choose not to dwell on the technicalities within your photographs.. of course, there is nothing to complain about. Your eyes sharp and the duotone is always something to be admired.. I wouldn't even try to mimick it, for you own this style.

Makes me want to go and read a book - in fact, I think I will...

13/11/2007 15:20    from : luisafonso
I've already told you what I feel about this one. His face completely grabs me here. He has that Rembrandt look, the intense praying posture, that look into God's loving soul.That and the magnified hand seen through the glass are my favorite elements. It's a great photo with a great b&w editing.

12/11/2007 22:38    from : bullabulla
Hi Sarolta
I am so happy to see you here and I felt a bit lonely in the midle of this men world, so thank you.
And it is a beautiful picture to start with, in this new photographic world.
I can recognize your style, the beautiful B&w postprocessing and a real touch of sensibility in your picture.
What a touching picture, this man seems awake  in a parallel world, and lost in our world.
Very touching.
Your picture seems unreal as well, it fits with the atmosphere of your project.
Thank you
looking forward to seeing your project.

12/11/2007 22:15    from : alimo3

Hi Sasa,
This Is a Great shoot ,
The face of this man and  his glance are amazing .
It seems that you are invisible to him.
I am impressed by the beauty of this background and the feeling of light coming from everywhere .
thanks for this glass of wine from the city of waters  ;-)


12/11/2007 19:27    from : yanseiler
Hi Sasa, his way of staring away gives so much power to your picture, the background is also amazing and I am quite amazed to see that the man is still the subject even with this complex strucutre behind... I would love to have your conversion recipe, beautiful PP, the effect on the face is superb...

12/11/2007 10:03    from : flydragon
Hello Sasa
So happy to see you here and your first post, i would say woww what a first post
and what a nice picture. i am glade to see your work again,  and cant wait to see more.
i did always enjoyed your work, and the spirit of your work.
I realy like this one. I agree about the other comment here and about waht Luan said.
"The man seems to be blessed by God look from heavens"
Your black and white is really awesome, i love the warm tone.
I can feel your sensibility in this picture.
Nice project, waiting to see more
Greeting from Paris

12/11/2007 09:28    from : luan
The man seems to be blessed by God look from heavens, may be he realized he was taking the wrong path and he is starting his redemption.
You b&w is always clean and the light is striking at the good place.
Very nice compo with a graphical touch on the background, it looks like a church in certain way.
GOo00Ood to see you here ;o)

12/11/2007 06:43    from : galeota
Hi Sasa. I have seen, of course, these photographs posted elsewhere but they were already so flooded with well deserved comments that I sometimes have a doubt if I bring anything else with a few more words. I like the intimacy (for the moment) I can find here, and it suits me more to lay my thoughts on this man, shadow of a broken angel lifting his eyes to the reminiscence of a lost Heaven.  His eyes show the memories of  the fear and suffering he might have found in the open sea, hence the glass of wine which seems like an anchor helping him not to drift. I wonder how many voices gallop in his head, in a resonance of thunders.

12/11/2007 01:22    from : s10001in

Hey Sasa,

Welcome to Photoholik..;)

Nice to see you here.

It is indeed great start with Alchole. When I saw thumbnail it was with trademark of sasa..Nice, clean B/W Processing with some (Pink/ Yellow??) sepia look.
Beautiful Photo.
Keep it up.

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