Trace of Days Before

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 06/11/2009 03:03:34 project: Third Act \ Europe \ Hungary \ Pest Megye
It is a land with neither night nor day,
Nor heat nor cold, nor any wind, nor rain,
Nor hills nor valleys; but one even plain
Stretches thro' long unbroken miles away:
While thro' the sluggish air a twilight grey
Broodeth; no moons or seasons wax and wane,
No ebb and flow are there among the main,
No bud-time no leaf-falling there for aye,
No ripple on the sea, no shifting sand,
No beat of wings to stir the stagnant space,
And loveless sea: no trace of days before,
No guarded home, no time-worn resting place
No future hope no fear forevermore.
-- Cobwebs, by C. Rossetti
(Taken in front of an old window of the by now abandoned, once resplendent Prónay palace built in Acsa, North of Budapest, between 1735 and 1740.)
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27/07/2011 17:23    from : fplohoff
 This is Art work Sasa. I would print this one on Hahnemuehle paper.

18/11/2009 12:55    from : Styl_Nox
mysterious and beautiful ...

11/11/2009 18:49    from : greeneye
high level graphic work, it's an amazing shot, i can't stop looking at it Sasa, very surrealistic and special.  the brown colours are splendid.  the link is nice, it's a beautiful building , i hope they will not demolish it !!!   great serie !

11/11/2009 18:29    from : fixed
Difficult to comment. Simon said magic, I think it's the word.
I see an eye on the top, is it normal doctor ? ;)
Time pass.

09/11/2009 03:00    from : flydragon
MAGIC !!!!

08/11/2009 08:18    from : AnimeshRay
This kind of abstraction is irresistible to me, and yet this is something that is totally elusive to me.  So simple yet so compelling.  I am amazed how you see these things.   Brilliant stuff.

07/11/2009 13:57    from : stevev1
Very dreamlike. I love the miniature feel we get when looking at the landscape
Excellent image!

07/11/2009 04:37    from : bombilla
It does look like a person -- a woman? -- seen from about mid-chest up through the chin.  An apparition?  A ghost?  A sighting of the Virgin?  The photo somehow takes a certain motive that runs through your b/w work and almost removes it from any discernible subject.  If you write history without people or places or events, maybe it would look something like this.

06/11/2009 21:41    from : nOt ThErE yEt

absolutely fantastic.  the face blending into the landscape, or is it? .... this can be interpreted and felt so many ways, which makes it a unique work of art using photograpic means. fav for me too.

ps:  if you do not mind explaining, can you tell me what did you take a picture of, and did you do any PP at all?  I feel this image is playing with my perception channels :-)


06/11/2009 05:16    from : Furachan
I see Professor Ray is being very stealthy with his "favs" of late ;o) He must be really busy! Being a humble sarariman with more time on my hands, I will be a bit more expansive with my fav here. Not only is this a splendid treatment, Sasa, but in this near abstract rendering you have encapsulated more of the late lamented Austro-Humgarian Empire than a shelf full of books. This is nothing less than brilliantly suggestive and evocative photography. Of course it would be even more resonant printed large as it deserves to be but I have seen enough of it to admire unreservedly these layered cobwebs of a fragile timethat is gone forever, dragging with it a long caravan of gifted jews, gypsies and extraordinary people of all sorts...

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