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Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 10/01/2008 17:37:51 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
Well, as I have mentioned, the media was looking for anything that resembled a story. Here, a DPP supporter is good enough; that one qualification is  that he brought his colourful pet with him.  As a protester, I am sure he is serious about his politics and seeing the sign come down.  As an observer, I wonder how seriously he can be taken when  his most noticable trait is that he has brought his avian friend with him.

Of course, we have seen this pair already.
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11/01/2008 00:43    from : jinju

Very nicely framed here Darren, the clkoseness and the compactness of the frame are what I like. Nicely balanced compo, enough so that even the cropped bird doesnt upset it for me. A good series with a number of good angles and varied distances.

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