An Odd Confrontation

Darren M / © Darren Melrose - 07/01/2008 14:43:54 project: Is it a protest if noone comes \ Asia \ Taiwan \ T'ai-pei Shih
They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows.  Well, I guess it makes for strange adversaries as well.  This is a confrontation that I could not have ever predicted.  I had simply assumed that this Taoist monk was simply on his way to a temple, or perhaps taking care of some of his personal busness.  I was quite shocked however, when he took a number of steps towards the police, let loose with a string of unpleasantries and then walked on.  Seeing that kind of emotion from a monk surprised me and even though this might not be the best photo ever, I was pleased with myself to pick my jaw up off the ground and snap off something before the whole bizarre interluded; it lasted only a moment and came as a total shock.

Strangely, and almost entirely off topic, this reminds me maybe the best photo I ever missed because of slow reflexes and shock.  Strangely, that one involved a monk as well.  For those of you who have visited Mount Poppa in Myanmar, you might recall that the base  of the mountain is infested with very agressive monkeys.  Well, imagine my shock when I saw a Buddhist monk taking aim at a theiving monkey with a slingshot.  By the time  got over the surprise, he saw that I had a camera and hit the slingshot back in the folds of his robes.  I guess monks and the same violent tendencies as everyone else; they are just typically better at hiding them.
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13/01/2008 12:40    from : kajspice
Hi Darren,

Arriving unfashionably late into this project of yours. I have been checking in though. I must admit, I wasn't blown away by the actualy quality of the photographs, but upon reading yor notes, I have a new found appreciation for the subject.  Its a good project and your notes really take the images further.  You have a very nice style of writing - clear, informative, factual and humerous at the same time. Quite a skill, I'd say.

I'd always wondered what monks kept in their robes - now I know! Even though I cant see his face, I think this works (almost). What makes it not work for me is the gap between the police.  I appreciate that you caught this moment quite quickly, but perhaps a step forward might have closed the gao between the men. I think this might have made the line-up seem more intimidating, thus making the scene slightly more dramatic. (maybe, maybe not!).

how goes being a father?  everything you hoped and more?

07/01/2008 15:28    from : jinju

We all have shots we missed and remember them, eh?

Its a solid shot. I wish I could see the interaction better here Darren. Basically I want to see the monk's face. Its hidden and I think we have to rely more on your words than on the shot. Its solid but Im sure you know what your ideal take on this could have been.

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