Holding On

Designsoul / © Sarolta Gyoker - 06/01/2008 22:49:32 project: Morning Wine \ Europe \ Hungary \ Budapest
This shot of the same man with whom I started the mini-series is the final upload of the photos I took at the old Market Hall in Budapest in September, 2007. It was he who moved me most of all of the men I photographed there--it was perhaps the slight tilt of his head, his large and shy yet inquisitive eyes, and his total lack of protestation when I asked if he minded me taking a few shots. He didn't understand why I didn't run after the usual tourist stuff, looking for the Herend porcelain knicknacks, the rows of garlic or Szeged paprika displays. I can see him in my mind's eye, most mornings of the dark and gloomy winter days, standing there just as he did then, by his regular stand of the market hall, clutching his white wine.
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11/01/2008 13:23    from : eleparc
The black is deep as is this man's expression. His half soft and shy smile pops up out of the image... I recognized him at once from your previous post...and what a precious bookeh!!!

07/01/2008 23:07    from : proxilva
Very nice portrait. Althought in my opinion you overdone it a bit withe oval leveling here, it happens to me too alot when i look back at some of my processed shots. The exposure and black and white managing is beautiful done. And as we all can see he is a coinesseur, he drinks his white wine without ice....

07/01/2008 14:54    from : Darren M
This is great Sasa, nothing I can say to improve things.  I think I saw this already at TE, although I think you might have reworked the PP.  A great monotone conversion and a good expression caught on the man.  Very nice in all areas.

07/01/2008 13:16    from : jinju
Perfect b/w, beautiful composition, great moment. Listen, what else is there to say?

07/01/2008 02:04    from : flydragon
Hello Sasa
sad this project is finish, i realy enjoyed this serie
and you close the project with a incdedible one
this picture is a jewel.  the black and withe is so good, this man face
his gaze, everything is perfect here.  zippp this one in my fav.

06/01/2008 23:03    from : Furachan
This one is perfect, Sasa, You've got all the proportions right as well as the subtle differentiation from front to back. Killer shot...

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